Hollywood Isn’t a Video Game Company.

This is the post excerpt.


So why the hell are screenwriters invading the game industry? Why are video game stories following Hollywood formats? If you never watched movies, would you write a screenplay? How could anyone trust it to be good? If you never listened to music, would you really write a song? So why are these people, who have such finite knowledge of video games that they have to be informed of the simplest terms allowed to create in a medium they don’t even enjoy?

I’m talking about those writers that have only seen a game in passing or on tv, or heard it talked about. I’m not talking about any of the ultra nerds who spend half a year grinding out final fantasies, I’m talking about those guys who saw half of Scott Pilgrim and had an idea one day. They don’t know video games and shouldn’t put a foot in our waters until they rack up some real gaming experience and variety. 

And why the hollywood format? How is a strict three act structure going to make a good game? Games are by definition an interaction with a goal and a set of rules. Movies by definition are just moving pictures that you stare at for a couple hours, turning your bedroom light on every once in a while. Video games need dynamic structure with a core focus of interaction, and anything less than near total freedom should only be done so because of lack of resources or for meaning’s sake. If you want a writing format for video games, some kind of algorithm, don’t look to a medium as controlling and corrupt as hollywood. Video games take in so much more money than movies do, so why use the less productive product as the example? If you want to use a gaming engine as a medium for pure spectation, there’s streaming and there’s visual novels. 

Movies are for old men nowadays anyway. Get with the times people.